Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Folk tale- Urashima Tarou

One day, a young man found that a turtle was being persecuted by children and helped it. The turtle thanked him and invited him to a castle in the sea. There were many beautiful fish and a beautiful princess. The man enjoyed dancing and eating good food, but the princess told him to go back to shore as soon as possible and gave him a box. She also told him not to open the box until he arrived on shore. When he arrived on shore, he found that many years had passed and that all of his acquaintances had grown old because the time had passed much faster in the castle than on shore. He felt very sad and opened the box. Then smoke came from the box and covered him, and he suddenly became old. So, he lived with his friends and became happy.

Hajime, Japan -AE2, CESL Today v56, 2004

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